The Pagosa Area Trails Council (PATC) has been sponsoring the biannual Roundtable meetings since the spring of 2010.  The next Roundtable meeting is scheduled for April 26, 2016.

The Pagosa Ranger District of the San Juan National Forest has 687-miles of trails to take care of and they can certainly not do it alone and neither can any of the organizations participating in this roundtable. Therefore cooperation and coordination between all these entities is essential in an endeavor to maximize results.

The Agenda for the April Roundtable will cover the following topics:

    • Welcome
    • History and purpose of meeting
    • Introductions (10-minutes)
    • PATC vision presentation and implementation (15-minutes)
      • Community tool cache
      • User group projects and scheduling
      • Trail status reporting system
    • Volunteer organizations reporting trail maintenance work (10-minutes)
    • User groups – plans for 2016 (15-minutes)
      • User group known projects
      • 8th Grade Project
    • Needed training for 2016 (open discussion) (10-minutes)
    • Public Lands Day – September 24, 2016 (10-minutes)
      • User group vision
      • Volunteer committee
    • November Roundtable meeting – Tuesday, November 8, 2016
    • New business
    • Adjournment



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