Trail Tool Party

Blog - Bruce sharpening toolsOn May 7th, despite the graupel spitting from the sky, we had a productive day preparing our tools for the summer season. Enjoying coffee and cinnamon rolls we outlined the goals of the day and committed to a quick and efficient gathering.

First, we inventoried what we had and made a wish list for future purchases. Then, we learned that the fluorescent pink spray paint was not adhering to even the driest handles so we resorted to good old fashion black to label “PATC.” A quick polish, or two, of linseed oil coated not only handles but our hands despite their gloves. Almost two hours done and we scoured off the accumulated rust with steel wool and WD40. If you don’t like the perfumed scent of perspiration, linseed oil and WD40 then this was not the party of traditional choice.

With blue clearing filling the dark puffs that had accumulated overhead we stored each tool in its new home, gathered a few tools to work on during the week and locked the door tight. Now, we are ready for summer trail work!

Many thanks to the following volunteers: John N, Lisa N, Bev W and Bruce Y

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