Help Needed – Squaw Creek Trail

Squaw Trail Project SmallPrior to the VOC work trip scheduled for August 15th, the San Juan Backcountry Horsemen will be doing advance clearing on the Squaw Creek Trail. We will stage at the Thirty Mile Stock Unloading area on Monday, July 18th for the purpose of opening the Squaw Creek Trail. On either late Monday or early Tuesday we will work our way up the Squaw Creek Trail (some riding, some hiking) removing a large boulder at MP2, and then we will set up camp at the bridge at MP6. From there we will need two work groups – one group of 4 or 5 people to cut and peel spruce poles in the area for repair of the rails on the bridge, and a second group of about 6 crosscut sawyers and helpers to clear downed trees off about a two-mile section of the Squaw Lake Trail just above our camp. We also need some folks to serve as day wranglers at the bridge campsite, and if anyone’s interested in serving as a cook at the campsite that would be great. Pack stock will haul all our gear to camp. We will be limited to 25 ‘heartbeats’ (combined people and animals), so our group can’t be real large. We’ll plan to come out on either July 20 or 21.

Several folks from the Divide Ranger District will join us, including Lead Wilderness Ranger Lisa McClure and her two Wilderness Rangers. This should be a fun project, and a great opportunity to see a neat new area of the Weminuche Wilderness, meet new folks, do a little fishing or relaxing, and get some neat work accomplished. The trail to the bridge (~ 6 mi) is mostly easy with a few moderately difficult sections.

Hope you can join us.

Contact John Nelson at

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