This is a brief update on trail work done recently by BCH and friends. A big Thank You to folks for their work and contributions!

– Squaw Lake Trail clearing July 18-20; Larry Smith, Stacy Boone and Ed Snyder accompanied Lisa McClure of the Divide Ranger District to clear out the trail ahead of a big Volunteer for Outdoors Colorado work trip on August 15.
– Kelli and Rocky Day spent several days in July working on Anderson Trail, including clearing trees out up to the creek at about mile point 3, and fixing about 200 feet of trail that had sloughed at about mile point 2.5. The last word I had was that there are still 5 – 10 trees across Anderson Trail from about MP 3 to the end of the trail, not much to do yet, we just need to get it cleared out as this is one of our two adopted trails.
– Dan Licardi rode with Ros Wu on July 31st as they packed the FS trail crew out of Poison Park up Weminuche Creek to East Fork of Weminuche Creek.
– Ron Decker and Becca Smith rode the Williams Creek and Indian Creek Trails to the Continental Divide for a sheep count on July 31, and when they came back they did rock removal work on both the CDT and Indian Creek Trail.
– Stacy Boone donated $150 to the SJBCH Trails Fund on behalf of Step Outdoors Colorado.
– Vern Jahnke got Randy Riggs of Creede to donate another load of gravel to the Thirty Mile Stock Unloading Area.
– In late July, Ron Decker re-flagged the old Pine-Piedra Stock Driveway Trail up at the end of Mosca Road. This has been a missing link in the old trail from the Vallecito Reservoir area over Slide Mountain toward the Williams Creek area. We look forward to getting this old trail cut out again and in service for a neat recreation experience.

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