Pagosa Trails Status

Please be patient – we are creating clickable links for Pagosa Country trails but this takes time.  This page will be experiencing ongoing updates through November 1st.

Autumn has arrived.  Trees are changing colors.  Snow is falling in the mountains.   Our USFS trail crew has cut out over 2000 trees this season.  Our volunteers have been active cutting, brushing and working on water erosion features.  If you can volunteer a few hours to assist with projects that help clear and clean our trails it is appreciate.

Check the USFS page for road updates.  Be advised, roads may be open but may have hazardous travel conditions.

This page is only as valuable as the information we receive from those who have most recently travelled the pathways. We welcome any status updates regarding the 687-miles of trail in the Pagosa Ranger District. Please send us email at

Pagosa Trails

Anderson Trail No 579 – Click Here
Baldy Mountain Trail No 536
Beaver Creek Trail No 560 – trail has limited access and no thru-route options in any season
Beaver Lakes Trail No 604 
Blanco River Trail No 573 
Buckles/Harris Lake Trail No 688
Chimney Rock Trail (Great Kiva) No 669 – Visit the National Monument Website
Chimney Rock Trail to Pueblo No 632 – Visit the National Monument Website
Cimarrona Trail No 586 – first two miles brushed (6/15/17)
Coal Creek Trail No 581 – Click Here
Coldwater No 597 
Coldwater Stock No 598 
Crater Lake No 562 – Click Here
Devil Creek No 603 
Devil Mountain (Single Track) No 600
Devils Hole (off of Notch Mountain Road) No 707 
Divide Lakes (Columbine District) No 539 
Dudley No 601
East Fork Weminuche No 659 
Falls Creek No 673 
Fish Creek No 575 
Fish Lake No 574 – Click Here
Fourmile (Upper) No 687
Fourmile Wilderness No 569
Hossick No 585
Hossick Lake No 602 
Hot Creek Stock Drive No 804
Indian Creek (off of Williams Creek Trail) No 588 
Leche Creek No 576 
Little Blanco No 572 – Click Here
Little Sand Creek No 591 – first mile cut-out on 6/15/17 – 110 trees cut
Lower Weminuche No 595 – trail cut-out 7/17/17 – 163 trees cut
Middle Fork Wilderness No 589 
Navajo Peak No 577 
Opal Lake No 564
Palisade Meadows No 651 
Piedra Falls No 671 – Click Here
Piedra River No 596
Piedra Stock Drive No 583 – from FS 629 south is a bit faint with blowdowns and eroded in spots (4/11/17)
Pine-Piedra Stock Drive No 524
Quartz Creek No 571
Quartz Lake No 568 – Click Here
Quartz Ridge No 570 – Click Here
Sand Creek No 593 
Shaw Creek No 584 
Sheep Creek No 599 
Silver Creek No 567 
Snow Springs No 605 – Click Here
Treasure Falls (Blowout) No 685
Treasure Falls (Interpretive) No 563
Treasure Falls (Overlook) No 670 
Treasure Mountain No 565 – Click Here
Turkey Creek No 580 
V-Rock No 578
Weminuche No 592 
West Fork No 561 
William Creek No 587 
Williams Fork Lake No 664 
Windy Pass No 566 – Click Here

Turkey Springs Trails System

Aspen Run No 307 – trail brushed end-to-end (6/13/17)
Bear Trail No 315
Boulder Trail No 308
Brockover Trail No 306
Catamount Trail No 313
Coyote Hill No 314
Creek No 311
Gopher No 303 – middle segment of brushed (7/15/17)
Hotz Spring No 317
Lower Rim No 309
Newt Jack No 305
Park Avenue No 302
Powerline No 310
Quakie Spring No 318
Round Park No 304
Turkey Springs No 301
Upper Rim No 312

Pagosa ATV Access Trails

Blue Creek (ATV) No 817 
Brockover South Trail (ATV) No 321
Cade Mountain Trail (ATV) No 322
Campsite Trail (ATV) No 325
Circle T Trail (ATV) No 324 
Cutover (ATV) No 319 
Chris Mountain Trail (ATV) No 703
Devil Mountain (ATV) No 600 
Elk Creek (ATV) No 689 
Fourmile Stock Drive (ATV) No 569
Horse Creek (ATV) No 690 
Middle Fork (ATV) No 589 
Middle Mountain (ATV) No 654
Middle Mountain Connection (ATV) No 582
Monument Park (ATV) No 590
Mule Mountain (ATV) No 691
Mule Mountain Spur 1 (ATV) No 692
Mule Mountain Spur 2 (ATV) No 693 
Navajo Peak (ATV) No 577
Piedra Stock Drive (ATV) No 583 
Sand Creek (ATV) No 593 
Snow Springs Connection (ATV) No 704
South Brockover (ATV) No 321
Stockdrive (ATV) No 323 
Turkey Creek (ATV) No 580 
Willow Draw (ATV) No 819 – cattle permit grazing for the summer 2017