Windy Pass Trail No. 566

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Windy Pass Trail #566 Map<click here>

Length: 4.2-miles (one-way) total trail length; 2.6 mile (one way) for suggested day hike

Trailhead Facilities: None

Elevation Stats: Altitude gain 1,893 ft

Suggested Day Hike:  5.2 mile roundtrip to Windy Pass. Altitude gain 1,893 ft, starting elevation 7,474 feet. 

This is a multi-use trail access that climbs up from Hwy 160.

At Windy Pass, this uphill hike will gain 1,893-feet in 3.2 miles and will take the user through small meadows, aspen and mixed conifer forest. The trail crosses a small creek with a nearby spring. Reaching the pass offers spectacular views to the south and east. Suggested day hike returns to trailhead from this point.  Longer option is to continue on the Windy Pass Trail  another 1.3-miles beyond the pass to the junction of Treasure Mountain Trail No. 565. This last segment of trail remains on contour with several open views.

Driving directions: From US 160/US 84 junction, continue east 14-miles to West Fork Road. Watch for “Windy Pass Trail” sign on the left side of the highway.The trailhead is located on the east side of Hwy 160, just past West Fork Road. There is a small parking are on the West Fork side of the highway opposite the trailhead. Use care when crossing highway 160.

Driving directions Map<click here>


4 thoughts on “Windy Pass Trail No. 566

  1. As of June 10, 2018, San Juan Backcountry Horsemen members Ron Decker and Becca Smith cleared Windy Pass Trail to Treasure Mountain trail (~ 1.5 miles).


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