Wilderness Campaign

Be a part of our campaign – every dollar makes a difference.

In November 2017 a group of like-minded people sat around a table and made a decision – they would make a difference on our trails. That difference has resulted in the creation of the Wilderness Trails Forever Campaign and has turned into a multi-user group and organization effort.

Mission Statement: Raise funds to clear and cut-out backcountry trails.

Talking Points:
• We are in a crisis situation regarding trail access.
• Our goal is to raise $40,000.
• The focus is to work with youth corps groups to clear and cut out trails.
• We are raising funds to address work that current crews, partners and volunteers cannot keep up with.
• This is a priority, to maintain access for trail users, and a public opportunity to bring awareness.

Banquet and Fundraiser – March 10

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Join an evening focused on raising funds for the benefit of the Wilderness Trails Forever Campaign. Big Game Forever and Pagosa Area Trails Council are working in cooperation to engage a four-week youth corps crew. Their focus is solely on the cutting out and clearing downed trees on our trails with the use of cross-cut and chain saws. We believe these crews can make the biggest positive resource impact on our public lands.

This benefit is being put together by volunteers of the trails, including: outfitters, guides, horsemen and hikers. Support the donors of this banquet and fundraiser.

Donation List – Feb 5

Second Fundraiser – May 5
More details will be coming but this is a tack sale and definitely will have the equipment you need for horse and stable.

Making a difference on our local trails begins with individuals like you. The Pagosa Area Trails Council is a volunteer run 501(c)(3) organization which functions as the clearinghouse of organization and coordination for the trail user groups in Pagosa Springs.  We are in strong support of maintaining trail accesses for outdoor enthusiasts and value working with crews to meet the goal of keeping our trails open and valuable to the entire community.

No goods or services were provided in exchange for contributions.

No benefit was bestowed upon this donor in exchange for this contribution. We are an exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; EIN #31-1573510.