Hossick Trails No. 585 and No. 602

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Hossick Trails #585 and 602 Map: Click here

Length: 4.8-miles (one-way)

Elevation Stats: Altitude gain 4177’

Trailhead facilities :  Vault toilet and horse trailer parking lot

Trail summary:This hike description is to Hossick Lake which is a short distance off of the Hossick Creek Trail. A point to point hike can be made connecting the Cimarrona Creek Trail and walking the gravel road back to the Poison Park trailhead. To reach the trail, hikers must first reach the junction of the trail located approximately 2.3-miles up the Weminuche Trail at the corner of fenced private land.

Turning east at this junction the trail begins a switchbacked ascent with grades up to 15% to the wilderness boundary and the crossing of Hossick Creek. A difficult crossing in early season, use caution. At 3.5-miles the trail levels into a large basin at the head of Hossick Creek with views to Cimarrona Peak (12,577-feet). Hossick Lake is behind the steep cliffs to the west. The creek is nearby for most of the ascent to the junction.

Climbing out of the basin, ascend the headwall and meets the Hossick Lake Trail at 4.1-miles. Turn west at the junction with the Hossick Lake Trail No. 602. Continue less than a mile to the lake proper ascending an additional 280-feet over precipitous cliffs that are in front of the cirque basin in which the lake is located.

Returning to the junction, Hossick Lake Trail continues another 1.4-miles to the junction with the Cimarrona Creek Trail No. 586. This route passes a jagged, volcanic knife edge pass before descending to a small basin.

The amount of vertical ascent (over 4,000-feet) and descent on the Hossick Creek Trail make it one of the more challenging hikes in the Weminuche Wilderness.

Driving directions:  Drive North on Piedra Road (CR 600/FS 631) 22-miles to the intersection with the FS 640 (Williams Creek Road). Turn north and drive an additional 3.5-miles to FS 644 (Poison Park Road), turning west and then another 3.0-miles to the trailhead located at the end of the road. Driving directions map: Click here

One thought on “Hossick Trails No. 585 and No. 602

  1. As of mid June 2018 the trail has many downed trees on it, 50 plus. It gets especially bad around mile 3 and then as you approach tree line it gets better.


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