Little Blanco Trail No. 572

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Length: 9.3-miles (one-way)

Trailhead Facilities: None

Short Trail Summary: This hike description is to the junction with the Quartz Creek Trail No. 571.

From the Trailhead, begin climbing initially in aspen. The trail begins to switchback with occasional views to Nipple Mountain and Blackhead Peak. A steep side hill climb to the Keyhole. Passing through, the terrain changes dramatically.

At Quartz Lake Trail No. 568, turn east and descend to Middle Earth on spectacular trail construction consisting of rebar and cable done with special permission after becoming a designated wilderness area. Soon pass Blanco River Trail No. 573 on the south. Continue with occasional clear tread along an undulating up and down traverse to the saddle of the 12,245-foot Quartz Creek Trail junction.

Directions: From US 84, turn left onto Mill Creek Road (CR 302), a gravel road. Drive 6.3-miles to a fork; keep right onto Nipple Mountain Road/FS 665. Continue on the primary gravel road for an additional 9.7-miles to the trailhead.

3 thoughts on “Little Blanco Trail No. 572

  1. 7/23/17 to 7/28/17 – trail project achievements.
    • Constructed four cairns and removed unnecessary “ducks” near lake (total ducks removed on this project were 36). Cairns equaled 4-ft wide x 4.5-ft tall; 3-ft wide x 2.5-ft tall; 3.5-ft wide x 2.5-ft tall (this cairn was promptly blood christened); and 4-ft wide x 4-ft tall.
    • Constructed five dirt water bars, four rock water bars and rebuilt sections of a 12-ft rock bar that had been damaged.
    • Shaped one long knick in a continuous seeping marsh.
    • Closed 259-ft of double braid trail, 160-feet of triple braid trail and 120-ft of quad braid trail.
    • Widened and enhanced footing for 408-ft of trail.
    • Brushed 55-ft of willow to standard width.
    • Closed a secondary social trail across wet area above the constructed trail tread.
    • Got muddy in 60-ft of saturated dirt – two braids reduced to one. Additional construction of one rock water bar and lower 15-ft of trail filled with crush and rock. Lopped willow on a northern section of the trail to define the footpath – did not lop in accordance with standard width instead only sufficient to clarify the footpath


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