Long Trek Peak Trail # 707

Long Trek Peak Trail # 707 (click here)

Length: 3.4 miles one way – 6.8 miles round trip

Elevation Stats: Elevation gain  1,236 ft (11,630 ft to 12,866 ft) with ascent 1,304 ft and descent 124 ft. 

Trail Facilities: None with parking on side of road.

Short Trail Summary:  The trail starts at about 11,630 ft  in elevation on the west side of the road, goes through a few trees and then climbs up through high alpine meadows. It will then intersect with the CDT (352031E 4139596N); turn left on the CDT and continue on it to the base of Long Trek Mountain. Hike up the steep grassy side of Long Trek to the top (12,866 ft . There are superb on-top-of-the-world views and this is a good place for lunch.  To continue on to Montezuma Peak follow the CDT south then bushwhack to the peak.

Driving Directions to Trailhead: From Pagosa Forest Service office head east on Highway 160 over Wolf Creek Pass, past the snow shed and past the turn off to Tucker Ponds. Turn right on Park Creek road (a sign there says to Summitville). Drive approximately 19.5 miles up the road going 1.5 miles or so past the turnoff for Elwood Pass.Look for a sign for the Crater Lake Trail. Park at wide spots in the road. 


Driving Directions Map (click here)

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