Sand Creek Trail #593

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Sand Creek Trail #593 Maps:  upper section: Click here        Lower section:Click here 

Length: upper section:  5.5 miles one-way. Lower section: 8.4 miles one-way

Elevation Stats: Upper section: Elevation gain 1,850 feet (altitude 9,650 to 11,500 ft with 2,552 ascent and 675 feet descent). Lower section: Elevation loss 2,200 ft (altitude 9,700 ft to 7,500 ft with 806 ft ascent and 3,143 ft descent).

Trailhead Facilities: none

Trail summary: Sand Creek Trail stretches from the Piedra River to the Weminuche Wilderness  but is divided into upper and lower sections by FS road # 631.  The upper section leads steadily upward to the Weminuche where the trail splits into either Falls Creek Trail #673 or Sierra Vandera Trail #541. The far easier downhill lower section can be reached at a trailhead on the left approximately 2 miles farther on FS road #631.  The trail descends along Sand Creek and ends at the Piedra River Trail; the latter can be followed to the Piedra River Trail trailhead on Piedra Road # 631. 

Driving directions maps: upper section: Click here          Lower section: Click here

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