Silver Creek Trail # 567

Silver Creek Trail #567 Map (click here)

Length: 4.3 miles one way

Elevation Stats: Elevation Gain 2,550 ft (8,291 ft to 10,841 ft) with Ascent 2,906 ft and Descent 356 ft

Trailhead Facilities: Small Parking Lot only

Suggested Day Hike: Once you cross  the creek bushwhack uphill to the left through a meadow. There is a faint partial trail at other side of meadow up to a rocky ledge, the destination local call Silver Top. The views are wonderful and this is a good place for lunch.  The hike to Silver Top is 3.3 miles (6.8) round trip with 1,600 ft ascent. 

Short Trail Description: From the parking lot hike about 140 yards east on old logging road. Look for a trail sign on left and follow trail as it goes north. This is an excellent trail, through trees and open meadows, with several beautiful views along the way. The trail crosses several dry creek beds and a couple of easily crossed streams. After approximately 2.5 miles and 800 ft gain in elevation the trail drops sharply downhill (good place for a break and taking in the views). Continue downhill, across a creek and up a meadow. The meadow is sometimes  used as a hunters camp.  The trail can get faint through meadow. The trail then heads more west and ascends  through the forest. It then   comes to a small creek ,you need to  cross. (see Suggested Day Hike) The Silver Creek  Trail then steeply ascends  north up for another mile  1,200 ft more ascent to Silver Pass.  Once past the creek crossing it is very steep and slippery with gravel. Suggested and 



Directions to Trailhead: Drive east on Highway 160 from Forest Service office 10.2 miles. Turn onto East Fork Road (FSR # 667) drive 8.8 miles. Trail sign and small parking lot are  on the left. It is pass the parking lot for Silver Falls. Trail starts on what looks like an old logging road. 

Driving Direction Map: (click here)

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