Turkey Creek Trail # 580

Turkey Creek Trail Map (click here)

Length: 18 miles one way.

Elevation Stats: Elevation Gain 3,157 ft (8,293 ft  to 11,450 ft with Ascent 6,238 ft and Descent 3,129)

Suggested Day Hike: Hike to open Meadows 2.4 miles( 4.8 miles round trip) with 255 ft elevation gain , ascent 564 ft descent 309 ft . This an easy hike with great nature  views. It is open to ATV/50″ wide UTV to the open meadow.

Trailhead Facilities: Parking only

Short Trail Summary:  This moderately difficult trail crosses several streams and some steep grades as it climbs 20 miles to the Continental Divide at Pierda Pass. The Turkey Creek Trail climbs above timberline at about 14 miles. The route that includes the Turkey Creek Trail, Continental Divide Trail, and the West Fork Trail (561) is sometimes called the Rainbow Trail.

Directions: From Forest Service Office  go northeast on U.S. Highway 160 for 7.2 miles, then left on Jackson Mountain Road (NFSR 037). The trailhead is 4.5 miles at the road’s end.


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