Leche Creek Trail No. 576

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Length: 8.0-miles (end-to-end)

Trailhead Facilities: None

Short Trail Summary: This hike description is to the junction of the Navajo Peaks Trail No. 577.

This hike can be connected to various other trails for a point-to-point hike including the Opal Lake Trail No. 575, V Rock Trail No 578 or Navajo Peaks Trail (west) or south No. 577.

A mid elevation hike that hovers at the 10,000-foot mark in the middle and varied terrain on either side. Aspen stands with historic arborglyphs are an interesting attribute to this hike. Beginning at the northern terminus, the trail meanders up and down with occasional switchbacks through forest before opening to meadows closer to the Opal Lake Trail No. 575 junction. Continuing south, the trail is well marked mostly at tree line. Reach the junction with V Rock Trail No. 578 again continuing south through a patch of trees. Old stock driveway, signs point the way. At the high meadow the trail disappears. Stay close to the creek, crossing above a tight stand of aspen trees with cliffs on either side. Re-cross the creek and the trail is again easy to find. Aspen stands and small openings in the landscape dot the remainder of the trail to the junction with Navajo Peaks Trail No. 577. There is no sign at the junction but a sign is on the east side of the trail nailed to an aspen tree.

Directions: From US 160/US 84 junction, turn south onto US 84. Travel 8-miles and turn northeast onto Blanco Basin Road (CR 326), a gravel road. After 9.5-miles turn south onto FS 600 (Castle Creek Road). Continue south for .4-miles and turn on FS 668. Keep left at the fork, approximately .5-miles and continue .2-miles further to a larger circular trailhead.

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