Navajo Peak Trail No. 577


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Navajo Peak Trail #577 Map:Click here

Length: 7.0-miles (end-to-end)

Elevation Data:  Starting elevation: 8700’. Ascent 1527’, descent 846’. 

Trailhead facilities:  None

Trail description:  This hike description is a point-to-point hike.

This hike can be connected to various other trails for a point-to-point hike including the Leche Creek Trail No. 576 or V Rock Trail No 578.

Reaching the trailhead(s) is the greatest challenge to this hike. Both ends of the trail are accessible to OHV (only to the wilderness boundary) and cattle are likely to be part of the experience.

A mid elevation hike bespeckled with small ponds. Aspen stands are the dominate tree. A gentle terrain for hiking, the easternmost edge of the trail climbs quickly to the Chalk Mountains and the higher elevation peaks of Navajo and Elephant Rock.

Cross the Little Navajo River at 2.8-miles and the junction with the Leche Creek Trail No. 576 at 3.4-miles. Turn west at the unsigned junction winding through tree stands and numerous unnamed ponds before a short descent to the wilderness boundary. Here, the trail opens into lush meadows with abundant Mule Ear and Larkspur.

Driving directions: 

East Trailhead: From US 160/US 84 junction, turn south onto US 84. Travel 24-miles to the community of Chromo. Near the store, turn east onto CR 382 (Navajo River Road). The road will be paved for a mile then turns to gravel. Travel 7.8-miles then turn north onto FS 731 (Price Lakes Road). Follow this dirt road for another 7.6-miles to the trailhead.Driving directions map :  click here

West Trailhead can be reached from off US 84 via FS 663 (Buckles Lake Road).Driving directions map:  Click here

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