Williams Creek Trail No. 587



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Williams Creek Trail Map click here

Length: 9.6-miles (one-way)

Elevation Stats: Altitude Gain 3,260ft (8,579 ft to 11,839 ft  with 4,250ft Ascent and 990ft Descent)

Trailhead Facilities: Campground facilities, big parking lot and restroom

Short Trail Summary: This hike description is to junction with the Continental Divide Trail No. 813.

Another challenging hike in the Weminuche Wilderness. The first few miles of the trail have previously been described with the Spanish name Huerto: garden-like. Reaching a meadow at 2.4-miles soon pass a junction with Indian Creek Trail No. 588 from the east but continue to a crossing of Williams Creek and begin ascending more assertively in a walled canyon that bends and turns. At 7.4-miles the Williams Lake Trail No 664 veers to the northeast. Stay west, soon climbing multiple switchbacks, passing a small lake on the east and joining the Continental Divide Trail No. 813.

Directions: Drive North on Piedra Road (CR 600/FS 631) 22-miles to the intersection with the FS 640 (Williams Creek Road). Turn north and drive an additional 4.9-miles to the trailhead located at the end of the road and next to the Palisades Horse Campground.

Driving Directions detail map  click here


7 thoughts on “Williams Creek Trail No. 587

  1. As of May 22, 2018 the trail is cleared of downed trees for 1.5 miles by San Juan Back Country Horsemen, and the group intends to continue the clearing work on May 23rd to at least the junction with Indian Creek Trail, hopes to open Indian Creek Trail down to where it crosses Williams Creek..

  2. Awesome job by the Back Country Horsemen. Beyond the portion they recently cleared, there are at least 6 downed trees (or complexes of several downed trees) between there and the first crossing of Williams Creek at about 3 miles. (as of June 2, 2018).

    • Thanks, fotohiker. You probably saw the section of trail at about mile point 1.5.that we rebuilt that had sloughed off. That took most of our day this past week when we were there, with only a little more tree clearing done past that point. We hope to get back there soon to get the six trees you mention removed ahead of the Southwest Conservation Corps crew that’s coming there in a few weeks to open all the trails in the area.

  3. June 25th – Downed trees update. 7 trees before the junction with Indian Creek Trail. 194 trees from the junction to the Williams Creek Trail Junction. 14 trees to Williams Lake.

  4. San Juan Backcountry Horsemen leaders John and Lisa Nelson cleared the trail from the trailhead to near the Indian Creek Junction. On July 11, Fm Nate Weiland and the SCC crew completed a cut of 278 trees (10.5 miles) to the junction with the Continental Divide Trail.(Rob Lambert)

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