Cimarrona Trail No. 586



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Cimarrona Trail has been Adopted by San Juan Outdoor Club

Cimarrona Trail #586 Map click here

Length: 8.3 -miles (one-way)

Elevation Stats: Elevation Gain 2,774 ft ( Altitude 8,494ft to 11,268ft with 3,412ft ascent and 638 ft descent)

Trailhead Facilities: Campground facilities and restroom nearby  with small parking area by trailhead.

Suggested Day Hike: To the Arch 3.8 miles (7.6 miles round trip)  with 1,979ft ascent and 257ft descent( Altitude 8,494ft to 10,240)

The first two miles of this trail are relatively easy, winding through the spruce fir forest on the edge of the Weminuche Wilderness. The trail enters the Wilderness area at 1.1 miles in. The trail then begins to climb steeply eventually passing a spot referred to as the Cimarrona Arch Window at the 3.8 mile mark.

Another 1/2 mile and 250-feet of elevation gain lands at an opening in the trail and  a great  view of Cimarrona Peak.

The trail continues to the northeast side of Cimarrona Peak, the trail passes the Hossick Creek Trail No. 585 at 6.5-miles before climbing up to the Continental Divide at Squaw Pass. At the pass hikers have ascended  3,400-feet.

Directions: Drive North on Piedra Road (CR 600/FS 631) 22-miles to the intersection with the FS 640 (Williams Creek Road). Turn north and drive an additional 4.1-miles to the trailhead located on the north side of the road just beyond the entrance to the Cimarrona Campground. Driving Directions Map click here

6 thoughts on “Cimarrona Trail No. 586

  1. 21 trees were cut out 4/30/18 by the San Juan Outdoor Club between mile 1 and 1.5. The first mile has 13 down trees and will be cut out at a later time. There are an additional 70+ trees down from mile 1.5 to mile 3.


    • Is the trail clear to the arch now? Haven’t been out there for several years heading out next month to do some soul cleansing. Thanks for all the trail work!


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